August 15, 2008 - August 23, 2008

James Balmforth
Gareth Cadwallader
Henry Krokatsis
Boo Saville
David Smith
Mark Titchner

Curated by Gareth Cadwallader

Featuring recent work by six London-based artists, Death shows some ways in which the perennial art-historical theme of the title is being reinvoked and reinterpreted in current art practice. The theme of death is used to thread together a diverse group of works by both established and emerging artists. Rather than attempting to identify a common mode of practice, the exhibition reflects the heterogeneity of the field of contemporary art. Death can be seen to embody many paradoxes, and amongst these is its own fecundity as artistic subject matter.

Gareth Cadwallader is a painter, based in London. He initially trained at the Slade and is currently studying at the Royal College of Art. He was also a member of the !WOWOW! collective.
Image (right): Gareth Cadwallader, Reynolds, 2007