November 10, 2012 - November 18, 2012

Hannah Knox

Opening Thursday 8th November 7 - 9pm

For Stoffbilder at Take Courage, Hannah Knox has produced a series of paintings made from a selection of fabrics and cloths, ostensibly unpainted but stained, poured, dipped, printed or sprayed.

They fall from the ceiling, hang out on the floor or gather themselves up to make a stand-in body in the room. They reference painting, as the title Stoffbilder suggests, but actively embrace the world beyond the wall. The paintings are made to perform, changing colour, sensually absorbing light from the room and heating up from their supports.

These are works that can entertain and as they change they suggest possibilities that they could be remade in another way. These installations invite the viewer to second-guess the artist�s decisions to imagine other configurations as they watch the works change. A black out, memory or after image comes to mind, the void becoming a projection screen allowing editing or re-visiting.

The paintings feel spacey, as if seen from above, suggesting a galaxy and a bigger picture. They are attention-getting with a fluorescent palette of bright pinks, two-tone dupion, and sea blues, the initial loudness of the hues flat lining into a quieter echo or vibration.

Recent exhibitions include;
Double Vision, The Lion and Lamb, Hoxton London. Curated by Peter Ashton Jones and Katrina Blannin 2011. The Perfect Nude, Charlie Smith London, Wimbledon Space London. Exeter Phoenix. Curated by Phillip Allen and Dan Coombs, 2011. Marmite Prize for Painting, Shortlist and Touring exhibition; Central Art Gallery, Tameside, Lanchester Gallery Projects, Coventry and The Nunnery, London, 2010-11. Fade Away, Painting between representation and abstraction, Transition Gallery, London and Gallery North, Newcastle, 2010. Start your collection, Contemporary Art Projects, Hoxton, London, 2009. Awopbopaloobop, Transition Gallery, London, 2008.

Gallery open Midday - 5pm Saturday & Sunday
Or by appointment