June 13, 2011 - June 21, 2011

Mordant Music
Stanley Schtinter

17.06.11 - 25.6.11
Open Thursday - Sunday
Preview 16.06.11 6pm

New temporary space
192 Southgate Road
N1 3HU

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Take Courage presents three sound, music and film installations taking place across three floors of the gallery�s new temporary space in Dalston.

Mordant Music present 'Nesst 3', a pillbox bunker structure that projects�Bu�uel and Dali�s�'Un chien Andalou' from one of the gun emplacement slits. The soundtrack to the film has been reinterpreted by the label's founder, Baron Mordant, and the
Tag Heuer Replica Watches bunker is constructed by the artist Jaye Ho. This is the first London showing of the Nesst project, having been previously installed at Unsound festival in Krakow and at the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham. Cult record label Mordant Music have been releasing experimental electronic music since 2001.

Musician Vindicatrix draws on a diverse sonic palette, described by Alex Williams as "a series of bizarrely broken assemblages, a parade of semi-functioning aesthetic machines: neurotoxic Weimar Republic house, serialist ethno-dubstep, dada-nightmare isolationist ambient, and ... unearthly liminal ballads." Taking cues from an encounter with Congolese power objects (nkisi) in the Mus�e d'Ethnographie de Gen�ve, Vindicatrix constructs a mechanised avatar to take his place in an automated musical performance.

A spectral voice narrates Schtinter's monologue 'Hello Whore', a dank, pockmarked soundscape inhabiting the uppermost room. The ambiguous imperative "come on beautiful" is just decipherable. 'Hello Whore' will be available on impermanent dubplate, �0.