November 19, 2008 - November 26, 2008

Adham Faramawy

For his first UK solo exhibition, Adham Faramawy has produced a new video installation inspired by the Homeric figure of Laoco�n, the Trojan priest who, with his two sons, was cast out of the city to be devoured by giant snakes. Laoco�n has proven to be a uniquely iconic subject in art history, most famously represented in the eponymous ancient statue in the Vatican. Drawing upon this narrative, the work at Take Courage will reflect upon the theme of athletic male beauty brought out through physical danger and the threat of pain, whilst assuming an unstable position between the evocation of aesthetic sublimity and transcendence, and of the potential absurdity of the notion of an aesthetics of pain.

Sons of Laoco�n represents a richly intertextual immersion in Classical mythology, art history, and the paranoiac consciousness of historical and contemporary apocalypse culture. In doing so, it revisits core themes in Faramawy�s practice: the sociological repercussions of the evolution of digital media and their relationship to esoteric mythology and symbolism; repetition and duplication, simultaneity, and numerical and geometrical symbolism; and Dionysiac self-expression through dance and gesture, and its simultaneous orchestration and suffocation through the consumerist structures of MTV culture. Faramawy maintains a Janus-like awareness of the history of mythologies read through their contemporary forms.

Adham Faramawy lives and works in London. He studied at the Slade, then went on to work as part of the !WOWOW! collective, performing and exhibiting widely. More recently, he has been appearing independently in numerous group shows, as well as in a solo exhibition at URA, Istanbul, in September 2008.